Draft at Warp Speed: Using A.I. in Contract Drafting
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Embark on an exploratory journey into the future of legal practice by getting on-board for this cutting-edge webinar designed to illuminate the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on contract drafting. Join us as we navigate our way towards boldly drafting like no lawyer has drafted before.

Yelp, I've Fallen for Social Media and I Can't LinkedOut: The Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other social media tools have become ubiquitous in our high-tech society. And while social media can undoubtedly help lawyers to enhance their networks of colleagues, clients and prospective clients, it can also ensnare the unwary in a web of ethical violations.

Nice Lawyers Finish First
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

It's been said that nice guys finish last. And while that might be true in the rough and tumble arenas of politics, professional prize fighting and marriage, nothing could be further from the truth in the practice of law. Zealous representation doesn't require us to be zealots. In fact, the most effective representation requires just the opposite. Nice lawyers finish first ... and so do their clients!

Yakety Yak! Do Call Back!: The Ethical Need for Prompt Client Communication
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

While it is important to comply with every obligation of the ethics canon, the obligation to promptly communicate with the client may be the most important. Lawyers who flaunt this rule leave their clients with no choice but to contact the state bar in a desperate attempt to seek answers to their questions. And, of course, by that point, the disciplinary authorities will have a long list of questions of their own.

In this insightful webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will provide lawyers with practical tips for how to meet the increasingly difficult of burden of talking, emailing and texting to each client's content.

Exploring the Litigation Frontier: Using AI for Case Assessment and Initial Pleadings
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Discover the future of legal practice in this cutting-edge webinar designed specifically for forward-thinking litigators. In this interactive program, you will earn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be your "first officer" as you navigate client engagement, case investigation, strategy development, and even drafting your initial pleadings. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of legal innovation and elevate your practice with the skills to navigate the exciting world of AI in law.

Attorney, Heal Thyself: The Detection, Treatment and Prevention of Substance Abuse
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Substance abuse is a huge problem in the legal profession. Lawyers suffer among the highest rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and being shot in the face by the former Vice President. And while Mr. Carter can't do much about Dick Cheney's aim, he can show you how to detect, treat and prevent substance abuse within your organization.

ChatOMG: The Ethical Pros and Cons of Using AI
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

ChatGPT and other AI generative language models are changing the way that we do business and practice law. And while AI will not replace the need for lawyers in the foreseeable future, it will drastically change how lawyers go about plying their craft.

In this forward-looking webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will give you a sneak preview of the ethical pros and cons of utilizing this game-changing technology.

I Think, Therefore I Am ... Biased: How Implicit Biases Manifest in the Legal Profession
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

The human brain is wired to recognize patterns and make generalizations, even those based on faulty or incomplete information. And contrary to popular opinion, lawyers are human as well and therefore, we are just as susceptible to forming biases and acting upon them. And it does not require that we harbor ill will or animus towards other people. In fact, most often, our biases are not even our own, but rather those that have been taught to us.

In this eye-opening presentation, the presenter will use videos to show lawyers just how easy it is to form these biases, how they manifest themselves in the way we treat clients, colleagues and opposing parties, and most importantly, how we can reduce the effect of these biases by recognizing and compensating for them.

The 2024 Ethy Awards
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Each year, Hollywood celebrates the best performances in motion pictures at the Oscars. Well, in this program, we note the worst ethics violations in the legal profession at the Ethys. Humorist Sean Carter will host the festivities and announce the award winners in such categories as: Worst Original Excuse, Best Courtroom Outburst, Most Creative Billing, Least Competent, and much more. In the process of recapping some of the most egregious instances of unethical behavior, Mr. Carter will demonstrate how the rest of us can avoid more common ethical violations.

Attorneys Are Not Accomplices: How to Avoid Crossing the Line from Counselor to Co-Conspirator
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

In their efforts to provide the best possible service to their clients, lawyers sometimes forget that they owe an even greater duty of fidelity to the law and the proper administration of justice. As a result, lawyers who "pull out all the stops" for a client run the risk of putting a stop to their law careers and even their very freedom.

Caution: Keep Hands Off!
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

It's been said that the entire legal ethics canon can be summed up in two rules: (1) Keep your hands off the money; and (2) Keep your hands off the client. And while this is a gross oversimplification of the legal ethics rules, it is true that these two breaches of fiduciary trust are among the gravest transgressions that a lawyer can make. Moreover, as they are often amongst the most heavily-punished violations, they often start a cascading effect of rule-breaking as lawyers desperately attempt to avoid their detection. As a result, it never hurts to review these all-important ethical limitations on lawyer conduct.

Walking the Diversity Talk: Making Greater Strides Towards the Elimination of Bias
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

By now, you are likely familiar with the concept of implicit bias and how it impacts both individuals and organizations in decision-making. However, knowledge of the problem is just the first step. In order to truly "walk the (diversity) talk," we must take definitive strides in the direction of diversity, equity and inclusion.

In this engaging webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will explore a wide range of actionable steps that individuals (and organizations) can take to reduce bias in their decision-making, allowing us all to move one step closer a more diverse, equitable and inclusive legal profession.

Commanding Data: Using A.I. to Review Documents at Warp Speed
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Artificial intelligence can help lawyers navigate with precision and speed the vast expanse of legal documents entailed in conducting discovery and due diligence. Join us as we explore practical applications, ethical considerations, and the latest advancements in AI that will allow lawyers to boldly take their practices to where they've never been before.

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