From Suits to Stripes: Why You Should Not Do What TV Lawyers Do
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

For years, television programs such as LA Law, The Practice and Boston Legal have shown lawyers skirting ethical boundaries and playing fast and loose with the rules. However, in 2011, USA Networks jumped the proverbial shark when it began airing Suits, a show that is literally built on the premise of the unauthorized practice of law. And, over the next several seasons, it highlighted lawyers engaging in continuous and increasingly serious ethical violations.

In this multi-media themed webinar, noted legal humorist Sean Carter will revisit some of the highlights (and ethical lowlights) of this sometimes astonishing television series. Moreover, he will illustrate the ways that life sometimes imitates art and how real lawyers have managed to trade their business suits for prisoner's stripes by engaging in similar conduct.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: The Ethical Imperative for Honesty in Law Practice
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "A fact is the absence of contradiction, but the truth is the presence of coherence." As lawyers, we are duty bound to be more than just factual. Lawyers must tell the truth to clients, judges, and even opposing counsel and third parties. In this eye-opening webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will deal frankly with the very human inclination for dishonesty and explain how to avoid the traps from which dishonesty most often springs. In doing so, he will draw upon current and past nominees from his annual Ethy Awards to show the consequences of dishonesty.

Enough is Enough: Avoiding Vexatious Lawyering
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

While lawyers are expected to provide their clients with zealous representation, we are not allowed to become outright zealots in pursuit of our client's objectives. Yet, time and again, this is precisely what happens as lawyers become fixated on winning at all costs. And as a result, they end up paying the ultimate price -- the loss of their license to practice law.

In this sobering but surprisingly funny presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter will distinguish permissible zealous legal practices from unethical legal zealotry.

Lawyers Gone Wild: The Ethical Dangers of Compulsive Behavior
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

The practice of law is stressful and at some point, we all must go out and "blow off some steam." However, it's important for lawyers to understand the importance of creating healthy diversions and avoiding activities that can "burn" them in the long-term. In this surprisingly funny webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter demonstrates the ethical pitfalls that await those who fall for the allure of habit-forming substances and activities.

It's Not the Fruit, It's the Root: Getting to the Bottom of Our Ethical Ills
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

In this unique legal ethics seminar, Sean goes beyond the "dos" and "don'ts" of the Rules of Professional Conduct to get to the heart of the matter -- the common mindsets that result in ethical violations in the first place. Furthermore, he will provide tips and insights on how to heal ourselves from these mindsets so that the ethical canons become guide posts and not obstacles in our drive to become successful lawyers.

Staying Within the Lines: Avoiding Ethical Penalties & Infractions
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Are you ready for some ethics? To commemorate the start of Monday Night Football, Mesa CLE will bring you a fall favorite -- Monday Afternoon Ethics. This unique webinar will be "officiated" by America's Funniest Lawyer, Sean Carter, who will be "telling you like it is" as he demonstrates common ethical infractions and give tips on how to avoid being penalized in your drive to a successful law practice.

The Ties That Bind: Avoiding Inappropriate Entanglements in the Practice of Law
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

To be an effective advocate, a lawyer must maintain a fair degree of dispassionate objectivity. The lawyer who becomes personally involved in the representation does the client a disservice. This is even more true for the lawyer who becomes personally involved with the client. In this webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will explain the importance of avoiding this most basic conflict of interest and will relate the tragic (but sometimes fascinating) tales of lawyers who learned this lesson too late.

LA Law(less): Don't Be Like Mike Kuzak
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Lawyers on our favorite TV legal dramas often act in ways that would cause significant trouble for actual lawyers. In this multimedia webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will use short video clips from the very popular series, LA Law, to demonstrate some of the legal ethics violations that played out on the show. In doing so, Carter hopes to show you how to keep your professional life from imitating art.

Lies, Damn Lies & Legal Marketing: The Ethics of Legal Marketing
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

What is effective advertising in other fields is rarely acceptable in the field of law. In this entertaining ethics course, Sean Carter examines in detail the ethical rules concerning marketing and their practical implications. The program also covers common advertising strategies employed by attorneys, and the pitfalls many attorneys will encounter.

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