I Think, Therefore I Am ... Biased: How Implicit Biases Manifest in the Legal Profession
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

The human brain is wired to recognize patterns and make generalizations, even those based on faulty or incomplete information. And contrary to popular opinion, lawyers are human as well and therefore, we are just as susceptible to forming biases and acting upon them. And it does not require that we harbor ill will or animus towards other people. In fact, most often, our biases are not even our own, but rather those that have been taught to us.

In this eye-opening presentation, the presenter will use videos to show lawyers just how easy it is to form these biases, how they manifest themselves in the way we treat clients, colleagues and opposing parties, and most importantly, how we can reduce the effect of these biases by recognizing and compensating for them.

Fantasy Supreme Court League: The 2022 Season
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Step right up to participate in the Fantasy Supreme Court League. In this unique presentation, Sean Carter humorously recaps the significant cases of the most recent term. After receiving the facts of each case, you will compete with lawyers from across the country by attempting to remember (or guess) the outcome and "vote spread" of each case.

Lies, Damn Lies & Legal Marketing: The Ethics of Legal Marketing
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

What is effective advertising in other fields is rarely acceptable in the field of law. In this entertaining ethics course, Sean Carter examines in detail the ethical rules concerning marketing and their practical implications. The program also covers common advertising strategies employed by attorneys, and the pitfalls many attorneys will encounter.

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: The Ethical Imperative for Honesty in Law Practice
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "A fact is the absence of contradiction, but the truth is the presence of coherence." As lawyers, we are duty bound to be more than just factual. Lawyers must tell the truth to clients, judges, and even opposing counsel and third parties. In this eye-opening webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will deal frankly with the very human inclination for dishonesty and explain how to avoid the traps from which dishonesty most often springs. In doing so, he will draw upon current and past nominees from his annual Ethy Awards to show the consequences of dishonesty.

Staying Within the Lines: Avoiding Ethical Penalties & Infractions
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Are you ready for some ethics? To commemorate the start of Monday Night Football, Mesa CLE will bring you a fall favorite -- Monday Afternoon Ethics. This unique webinar will be "officiated" by America's Funniest Lawyer, Sean Carter, who will be "telling you like it is" as he demonstrates common ethical infractions and give tips on how to avoid being penalized in your drive to a successful law practice.

Ethical Jeopardy: A CLE Game Show
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

In Ethical Jeopardy, you will compete against lawyers from across the country in answering legal ethics-related questions, such as the one below:

Which of the following is NOT grounds to disclose client information?

  • To prevent death or harm to another person
  • To defend oneself against civil, criminal or disciplinary charges
  • To impress prospective clients
  • To prevent fraud

    Through the polling feature on our platform, lawyers will be allowed to make their selections. At the end of the program, each participant will receive their score, along with their "player ranking." Oh yeah, and you just might learn something in the process.

LA Law(less): Don't Be Like Mike Kuzak
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Lawyers on our favorite TV legal dramas often act in ways that would cause significant trouble for actual lawyers. In this multimedia webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will use short video clips from the very popular series, LA Law, to demonstrate some of the legal ethics violations that played out on the show. In doing so, Carter hopes to show you how to keep your professional life from imitating art.

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