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Bar Association of Erie County-The Art of War and Cross Examinations

Upcoming Webinars

The Art of War and Cross Examinations

(1 hour of Professional Practice)

May 22, 2018
1:00 pm- 2:00 pm ET
Over the last two decades, Joel Oster has been engaged in trial and appellate-level litigation in state and federal courts across the country. As a result, he has been witness to the best (and worst) of courtroom antics. Using the comedic style that has earned him the moniker "Comedian at Law," Joel Oster shares his tips for successful cross-examinations.
In addition to being just flat-out funny, this webinar will provide practical tips on how to properly prepare for (and deliver) success cross-examinations. Specifically, Joel Oster will discuss:

  • The purpose of cross-examination
  • The secret to the perfect leading question
  • Ten rules for cross-examination
  • The mechanics of the actual cross-examination
This program is eligible for 1 hour of Professional Practice in NY.

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