Fantasy Supreme Court League: The 2018 Season
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Step right up to participate in the Fantasy Supreme Court League. In this unique presentation, Sean Carter humorously recaps the significant cases of the most recent term. After receiving the facts of each case, you will compete with lawyers from across the country by attempting to remember (or guess) the outcome and "vote spread" of each case.

If You Can't Say Something Nice, Shut Up!: The Ethycal Imperative for Civility
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

As children, we were all taught, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." Well, that advice holds especially true for lawyers. Whether in open court, a deposition, or contract negotiation, lawyers who choose to "go low," run a high risk of bar discipline. Increasingly, disciplinary authorities are treating the once aspirational goal of civility as a mandate. Therefore, it's important for all lawyers to be reminded of their obligation to "play nice."

Thou Shalt Not Lie, Cheat & Steal: The Ten Commandments of Legal Ethics
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Sean Carter sets out to prove that legal ethics isn't an oxymoron by delivering an off-beat "sermon" on the Ten Commandments of Avoiding Ethical Problems as a Lawyer. And by the end, he will have you shouting Hallelujah, yelling Amen and hopefully, passing around a collection plate.

Staying Within the Lines: Avoiding Ethical Penalties & Infractions
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Are you ready for some ethics? To commemorate the start of Monday Night Football, Mesa CLE will bring you a fall favorite -- Monday Afternoon Ethics. This unique webinar will be "officiated" by America's Funniest Lawyer, Sean Carter, who will be "telling you like it is" as he demonstrates common ethical infractions and give tips on how to avoid being penalized in your drive to a successful law practice.

Get to Stepping!: The Path to Lawyer Well-Being
Presented by: Catherine Watson

Being a lawyer can be a great way to make a living, but a horrible way to build a life. So if you've ever thought that there must be more -- more joy, more love, more excitement, then join us for this unique webinar. Attorney and wellness expert Catherine Watson will not only remind you of the tremendous benefits of food, fitness and recreation, but she will give you concrete tips so that you actually apply what you learn.

Sue Unto Others As You Would Have Them Sue Unto You
Presented by: Legal Humorist Sean Carter

Increasingly, lawyer civility and congeniality is becoming a thing of the past. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way. In this humorous presentation, veteran attorney and legal humorist Sean Carter will remind you that zealous advocacy does not require you to be a zealot.

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